modus vivendi

The Cedars Brothers formed in 2021. They released their first EP "Relative to the Age of the World" in their second year of performing around local venues and are currently working on new tracks. Their sound has been compared to most frequently to Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and The Dave Matthews Band. However, they hold on to darker synth-based gritty textures and themes closer to western cinematic styles. They describe all this as "Americanatronica".

It was perfect timing. 2020 and '21 brought lots of changes to lots of people. But aside from the live music crash, this was a unique period of time in several ways for both members of the duo. John (drums, percussion, electronic instruments) had lots of experience drumming in bands, but most of his activity at that time was in cover bands and groups that were locked in certain genres. Playing drums in those groups, while fun, wasn't the challenge it once was. 

Josh (vocals, guitar, keys, electronics) was just coming out of a 10-year hiatus, having only been performing for a year or so at the time. Though he doesn't bring it up directly, he had been dealing with alcohol addiction that had reached an inflection point. During rehab he rediscovered music and began writing songs. After a year or so this grew into a mission to more-or-less redesign his life, putting his work in music out front.

These two found common interest around not only the mutual admiration of common musical heroes, but also the desire to perform using multiple instruments with the goal to fill out spaces and bring as much sound to the stage as possible with only two people.